Kolektivo redesigns the economy from the ground up

Kolektivo redesigns the foundation on which local economies and communities are built by creating a complementary economic system driven by wellbeing.

Our shared Foundation

The Kolektivo Framework combines new technologies and methods to enable locally operated and owned impact economies that scale.

Community Currency

A digital community currency allows a community to define their values

Fair, Digital Governance

Transparant and safe governance helps improve decision making

Impact Dashboard

Measuring our shared progress and resources helps improve effectiveness

Grants and Support

Kolektivo functions as a support network to local projects

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People making a difference


Project supported by Grants


Voting community members


CuraDAI in circulation

Our Partners & Friends

A big DANKI to these bold changemakers
who relentlessly support Kolektivo

Our Collective Journey

The evolution of Kolektivo, how an idea transformed into a movement

  • 2018

  • 2019

    • The Curaçao Blockchain Week is organized with over 250 attendees. A 2-day DAO workshop is hosted by Luuk Weber & Douglas Kent

    • On August 1st, the first version of CuraDAO is created with 50 local DAO members and 10 ETH in funding from DAOstack

    • After 4 months of grant giving with over 10 projects, a pilot wrap-up event and strategic workshop is hosted to plan the future of CuraDAO

  • 2020

    • The first version of CuraDAI, the digital stablecoin for Curacao is developed and launched on Ethereum

    • MakerDAO partners with CuraDAO to support the development of CuraDAI on the island

    • During the Kickstart Innovathon, the community comes up with the Kolektivo solution, and wins the innovathon! As a reward the local ministery of economic development commits to supporting Kolektivo

  • 2021

Our Stewards

The Kolektivo Stewards help steer the community towards abundance

Dive Deeper

Research and updates about Kolektivo