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Receive support and resources to fund your local impact project through Kolektivo Grants. Receive up to 2500 CuraDAI in support.

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Grants Terms and Guidelines

The Grant Process

Share your Ideas

Share a short draft of your project idea with us on Kolektivo.Social or Submit the Application Form.

Speak with our Stewards

After you’ve shared your ideas with us on Kolektivo.social our Stewards will reach out to you to assess your needs and help formulate your impact project.

Write your proposal

Equipped with the feedback and guidance of our Stewards, you will be ready to write a full proposal that includes your needs and objectives.

Submit project for approval

After writing your kickin’ proposal, your proposal will be put up to a vote on Kolektivo. Then our community of changemakers will vote on your project.

Funding and Execution

After your project is approved you will receive funding or in-kind support for your project from the Kolektivo community and our partners.

Learn, Share, and Engage

The execution of your project is only the beginning. Share the knowledge that has been learned from your project to help the community grow.

Kolektivo GrANTS

Grants Information

Grants Categories

Kolektivo funds and supports projects that create sustainable and a positive impact within our communities and has designed these categories at the intersection of the Sustainable Development Goals and Curacao’s local objectives.

- Creativity, Culture & the Arts
- Entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation
- Healthy Ecosystems and the Environment
- Equitable Communities & Governance
- Leadership and Human Development
- General Kolektivo

Rewards & Support

Kolektivo Grants receive support to power their impact project in the form of CuraDAI, our local community currency. CuraDAI can be used at over 10+ local stores to puraches goods, or be converted to ANG. Grants can request 250-2500 CuraDAI to fund their projects. In addition to funding, Kolektivo also has a large network of skilled and motivated individuals that will be able to support your project!

Grant Review Process

The Kolektivo Grants are reviewed by the Kolektivo Stewards, a group of local changemakers who actively contribute to positive change on the island. The Stewards for to decide whether a grant will receive funding. This voting happens digitally on the blockchain. Blockchain technologies are completely transparent and can not be tempered with; this means that donators and grantees can be 100% sure that grant voting happens fairly and only the most impactful projects are supported. Rewarding for impact is the foundation of our Impact economy.

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Our Stewards

The Kolektivo Stewards help steer the community towards success