Grants Terms and Guidelines


  • Grant applications will only be taken into consideration if received through the Kolektivo Typeform. The link to this form can be found on the Kolektivo website.
  • Grant applications are subject to 4 grant rounds per year:

                   🡢   JAN-MAR
                   🡢   APR-JUN
                   🡢   JUL-SEP
                   🡢   OCT-DEC

  • Kolektivo aims to review and vote on the project within 2 to 4 weeks after application. Projects that do not meet requirements for funding will also be notified within the given period. 
  • Projects should start within 3 months after the date of application, otherwise defer to the following Grant Round.
  • Second-time applications are not automatically approved based on previous cooperation. Each application must pass through the same application process and we require evaluation with the steward of the previous project.


  • We accept a maximum of 2 applications per year per application of 2000 and above. Applications of 1500 or less can apply every grant round for a maximum of 4 applications in total.
  • Payments are done by bank transfer and maximum 2 months before the start of the project. Exceptions are possible by written request.
  • Grants will be paid in ANG. Applications must specify other currency if needed.
  • Kolektivo reserves the right to grant a lower than the requested amount to a project, depending on the scope, impact on beneficiaries and contributors.


  • Upon completion, depending on the degree of cooperation with Kolektivo during the project and the achieved milestones, a bonus can be given to grantees. The bonus (CURA 100,-) is always given in the Kolektivo stable coin. Bigger bonuses can be earned if projects collaborate with other (Kolektivo) projects.
  • Projects funded by Kolektivo are subject to review by form of a self-assessment of the project activities either during or after the project.