Impact Areas

Kolektivo Impact areas are 6 key focus areas for the Kolektivo Grants that allign with the UN's Sustainble Development Goals and Curaçao’s unique challenges and characteristics.

Equitable Communities & Governance

Kolektivo means collective. Without an equal access to outcome, resources and civic engagement, societal outcomes tend to be unstable. Kolektivo wants to support and/or create projects that reduce these inherent social system outcomes, increase civic engagement and community resilience through the experimentation with new forms of organizing, cooperation and governance on a local and international level.

Related SDGs
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Kolektivo funds and supports projects that create a positive, sustainable impact within our communities

Impact Area Stewards
Ruben Russel
Born and raised in Curacao and shaped by the world. With a heart for systemic change for long term species survival.
Gilberto Morishaw
Gilberto believes in creating the conditions that allow people to create a better reality, on an individual, societal and even a systemic level.
Luuk Weber
Luuk loves setting BIG goals with value-aligned people. He believes changing the world starts by changing yourself and wants to empower others to be their best selves.