Impact Areas

Kolektivo Impact areas are 6 key focus areas for the Kolektivo Grants that allign with the UN's Sustainble Development Goals and Curaçao’s unique challenges and characteristics.

Healthy Ecosystems and the Environment

Kolektivo aims to create a healthy ecosystem and natural environment in Curaçao. We support projects that target real on the ground issues like climate change, food security, pollution, littering and projects that improve our local flora, fauna and fisheries.

Related SDGs
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Kolektivo funds and supports projects that create a positive, sustainable impact within our communities

Impact Area Stewards
Yolanda Wiel
Yolanda is passionate about kindness and adding value to everything in life, ranging from a one-minute conversation to a bigger legacy that will last for eons.
Andrew Kirchner
Andrew Kirchner, better known as Andy and under his pseudonym The Recycled Pirate is a natural facilitator and a mindful mindset coach in his daily life.
Ruben Russel
Born and raised in Curacao and shaped by the world. With a heart for systemic change for long term species survival.