Keda Kas
Gilberto Morishaw
Project Lead
Digital COVID-19 Support Campaign

Digital COVID-19 Support Campaign

Physical distance doesn’t mean being disconnected. Even though you need to Keda Kas (Stay Home) because of the coronavirus pandemic there’s still no need to panic.

Follow Keda Kas to stay up to date with verified news, how to keep you and your loved ones safe and how to make the best of your time inside.

We are here to support everyone in the Dutch Caribbean as well as everyone with ties to the islands.

With the help of our partners, we will be making sure that you stay well-informed, entertained and connected through news, discussions and digital social activities.

The best way to contribute is by informing yourself, supporting your neighbors and loved ones and most importantly Keda Kas!

Huntu we will be able to kick Corona’s butt! #UnionTaHasiForsa

Tag #KedaKas to get mentioned on our page!

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