Innovation Ç
Kickstart Innovation Collective

Kickstart Innovation Collective

Innovation Ç started as a year-end Innovation Conference in 2018 that brought together over 100+ local and international innovators.

With support from #Kolektivo, the collective has created multiple initiatives to support entrepreneurs and small businesses during the #COVID19 lockdown.

The most notable initiative is a bi-weekly digital conference where multiple experts, with ties to the island, share their experience and insights. The digital conferences have attracted 1000 attendees in thirdteen editions!

Innovation Ç is now evolving into a platform of diverse #collective of entrepreneurial creators who facilitate innovation and social-technological advancements in Curaçao.

They also aspire to launch a #DAO and integrate #CuraDAI into some of the projects and services.

On May 20th 2019, the collective gave a presentation during the National Export Awareness Week Curaçao, organized by Ministerio di Desaroyo Ekonómiko.

If you want to learn more about Innovation Ç visit

#InnovationCur 💙

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