Enabling local impact economies

Kolektivo enables local communities to create and manage their own regenerative economy to fuel prosperity

Local communities are the best driver for positive change

Framework for prosperity

The Kolektivo Framework combines the latest digital innovations to create a framework that blends a native token, a community currency, local governance and impact measurement tools into one to create local impact economies.

The framework explicitly aims to empower local communities to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. While this framework focuses on a first pilot in Curaçao, it aims to scale to larger communities.

Kolektivo is an evolution of 3 years of active expirimentation and research

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To redesign the foundation on which local economy and community is built

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Kolektivo Grants

Kolektivo funds and supports projects that create a positive, and sustainable impact within our communities. We have defined six impact areas  intersecting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, keeping in mind Curaçao’s unique challenges and characteristics.

All Kolektivo Grants are reviewed in a transparant process where community members vote in a Blockchain application to determine if Grants are accepted or not.

Sirkulo 1

the first Kolektivo Grants round

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Barber Food Forest design and creation

Youth for Climate beach clean-up at Caracasbaai

Kolektivo Projects

Since 2019 Kolektivo has been supporting local development projects through the CuraDAO grants. Over $10.000 in resources have been distributed to 12 projects.


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Before Kolektivo there was CuraDAO, a Social-impact fund that ran until 2021

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Raised in Curaçao

The seeds and foundation of Kolektivo have been created in the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

For over 3 years, citizens of Curaçao have researched and piloted decentralized tools to reshape their island. So far, over 20 projects, ranging from tokenized food forest to governance research, have been facilitated.

About Kolektivo

Nos Kuenta

The story of Kolektivo through the eyes of the community