Unleashing the full potential of human coordination.

Kolektivo Labs leverages frontier technologies to shape a world where human coordination pivots radical change.
Illustration by Rafal Suskievic

What we do

As a systems innovation lab, we re-invent how value is co-created and ultimately distributed to maximize collective potential.

We leverage the latest technologies and models, ranging from regenerative economics to inclusive design to shape our interventions.


  • Innovation/Asset Research
  • UX Research
  • Talent Acquisition


  • Product development
  • Ecosystem development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Experience Design

Branding &

  • Brand Narrative & Strategy
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Infographics, Explainers
    & Educational Resources

Content &

  • Organisation design
  • Content creation
  • Event curation
  • Facilitation

The changemakers
we work with

Kolektivo's products, services and people are connectors between different sections of the innovation space - creating a value-aligned network that improves connectivity and collaborative potential.

Our Projects

Below you will find a few of Kolektivo's flagship projects. We are proud to work only with projects that are aligned with our values.


Kolektivo is built on a foundation of real-world experience working with emerging technologies and system innovations in various communities in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. With roots in the blockchain space and inspired by syntropic agriculture - Kolektivo builds resilient, effective, and holistic solutions for people and the planet.

By creating local impact ecosystems and connecting their knowledge and potential, we create the Kolektivo Network. This network aims to provide local changemakers with the tools and capital required for bottoms-up systems change for people and the planet.

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Celo Europe

CeloEU supports mission-driven entrepreneurs and creators to build lasting solutions that leverage the Celo Ecosystem.

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PrimeDAO cultivates a builder community and establishes coordination mechanisms that sustain ongoing operations to become a much-needed DeFi Schelling point.

The DAO’s goal is to produce and maintain a community-owned set of products and services everyone can access and benefit from — both early and mass adopters.

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